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I am a Swedish author, photographer, senior editor and art director, specializing in interiors and lifestyle. 

My latest book – The Sustainable Home Ett hem med omtanke focuses on how to relate to sustainability and environmental thinking while creating a beautiful home. It has been translated to English and published by Pavilion Books, London and HarperCollins, New York

In connection with this, I was invited to a live chat about sustainability with the Washington Post - here - and I had the honour of presenting my book at the General Consulate of Sweden in New York City.

As a freelance senior editor, photographer and art director, I work with Swedish publishers such as Bonnier fakta, Polaris fakta and Bokfabriken.

As a photographer and journalist I also work with lifestyle magazines and I am represented internationally by Living Inside Agency in Milano.

I even do translation works from French and English to Swedish. Mostly ELLE Sweden.

I have been the editor of Sydsvenska Dagbladets weekly magazine on interior design, Hemma (Home). I have also written an interior blog for ELLE Decoration, Sweden. I have had the honour to be appointed Sweden's second hand expert by Erikshjälpen. 

As an artist I work with photo exhibitions both in Sweden and internationally, latest Paris and South Korea.

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